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Marriage counselor is a specialized person who helps couples in resolving conflicts and improving their relationships. Through marriage counselor, one can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding relationship or going separate ways. Majority of the couples fall in a need of marriage counselor because there comes a time when resolving your conflicts seem to be the most important thing in your life. And for that you need a counselor who can understand you thoroughly and lead you to solve all your disputes in a proper way. Counselor is not only important to solve your post marriage disputes but also for the couples who are going to marry. “To be married” couples also needs a great marriage counselor to know each other better and understand their thinking to pave a way for a happy and successful married life.

Falguni Jani is not only the best astrologer but also a great marriage counselor. She has a varied experience in the field of counseling which can help you to counsel and have happier times again in your life. Having in depth knowledge in the field of astrology she connects the same with your counseling for fruitful results. Apart from this her jolly nature, gracious behavior and good insight will create many ways to satisfy your need of happily married life. Moreover she also counsel those couples who are yet unmarried but are soon going to get married, with an aim to make them understand each other on better terms. Falguni describes herself as “simply the messenger.” She has helped many clients with troubled relationships, relationship issues in family etc. With a very positive psyche she firmly believes that we are all interconnected and that working in a positive mindset is essential for highest good of all involved. As a consultant, astrologer and a healer she educates her client about universal truths. She also intends to work on the emotional health as it relates to physical and social well being. Falguni believes in a structured model that has worked for everyone and has also developed her intuitive methodology over years of practice to help her clients get answer to their queries and make them realize their own potential for better situation handling. She only targets the relationship to be back on track for a healthy and stress free life. She feels privileged in having helped people in creating miracles of their life. Healing lives motivates and enchants her like nothing else. So

“Feel free to contact Falguni if you could use guidance or support in any aspect of your life or relationship.”