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काली महाकाली कालिके परमेश्वरी ।
सर्वानन्दकरी देवी नारायणि नमोऽस्तुते ।



Kundli is a graphical presentation of planets at the time of your genesis,traditionally developed by Yogis. There are nine planets and all of them are placed in different 12 houses which in general term are known by sunsigns.

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face reading

Face Reading

Face reading will instantly offer you valuable information about human beings. It gives you insights of your own charecter and of others through particular understanding. Face reading is very practical and useful in business applications.

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Numerology is the study of symbolism of numbers. Generally used to determine personality ,strenghts, talent, obstacles etc of an individual. It is a tool to understand yourself and your loved ones on better terms.

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Vastu Shashtra

Vastu Shashtra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture. Spliting the words “VAS” means place of living and “VASTU” means things related with the place of living. It helps to make life better and aims to draw posotive cosmic energy to achieve success.

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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that takes on stones and crstal. This helps in shifting your energy in a proper direction with spirituality and positivity in life.

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Meditation is a way of living life peacefully. Meditation is the act of giving your attention to one specific thing. It helps you to have a calm mind, better concentration, good clarity as well as relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and body.

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In Astrological work, nine plannets have been delegated with nine different gemstones. Divison of palnets and their stones are Sun(Surya), Moon(Chandra), Mars(Mangal), White pearl, Yellow Sapphire and many more adding to the list.

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“Karya-siddhi” is major yantra that Falguni has been working since years and has also achieved expertised in the same. It helps in achieving success in life and in marriage life also.

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Dharmic Vidhi

Dhamrik vidhi is a religious ceremony to obtain peace and success in life as well as in your professional career. Performing Dharmik vidhi helps in solving troubles that are laid in your path of achieving triumph.

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“Either small or big, every problem has ended after meeting the eminent name in astrology- Falguni Jani. We are looking forward to you and hope you would give us a chance to serve you.”

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"Falguni astrologer has massive experience in this business. We are one of the best service providers. We deal Palmistry, Computer Horoscope, Gemology, Horoscope and Rudraksha Beads Suppliers. We understand that the objectives for quality cannot."

Usha Shah, UK.

"Astrology for career helps you gain a better understanding of yourself, your talents, your challenges, and your dreams and gives you an insight into your talents, potential, communication abilities and challenges, and relationship with your colleagues and boss. It also provides you astrological clues relating to the personalities of successful people and successful companies."

Bhaguben Trivedi, Ahmedabad.

"Marriage is one of the most important events in most people?s lives. This service provides you with great insight into this area of your life. Our Panel of Astrologers will analyze your detailed horoscope including the Shodasavarga charts, i.e. the sixteen divisional charts , Mars dosha, Combustion, Planetary war, Mahadasa, Bhukti and Antaradasa, Ashtakavarga with Trikona and Ekadipatya Reduction, Rasi Pinda, Graha Pinda, Sodya Pinda."

Heena Shah, Mumbai.

"In today?s world, having a successful career has become increasingly important. Nowadays, everybody is concerned about having a high profile career and their career growth. Many times, it has been difficult to choose a right career. Career astrology is the guiding force to clear the confusion in choosing the right path and excel. A learned astrologer can draw a career horoscope on the basis of your birth data. After the deep analysis of this job horoscope, the celebrity astrologers of our panel provide job predictions and remedies to remove the ill impacts on your job prospects caused by planets."

Dhrasti Majmuda, USA.

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